Photographic Waste

Photographic Waste

We collect and process all types of liquid and solid silver-bearing waste materials:

  • bleach-fixing solutions used in color photo printing (C-41 processing technique and other processes); rejected and off-grade photographic materials;
  • fixing solutions and rinse water, X-ray photographs and trimming scraps, unexposed films, archive materials of medical X-ray laboratories;
  • waste fixing solutions and rinse water, exposed and unexposed waste materials generated through offset printing process;
  • photo plates, microfilms, trimming wastes, waste tape trailing sections, film prints, archive aerial survey images, including film-based and paper-based photographic materials;
  • waste chemical solutions and X-ray films generated by technical X-ray laboratories performing non-destructive testing (NDT), other archive materials;
  • electrolytic silver, silver-bearing residues and sludge.

Processing technique

For maximum silver recovery efficiency, liquid raw materials first go through a multi-stage electrolysis and filtration process. Processing patterns for film-based photographic materials provide for biological leaching and further processing of polymeric base material, eliminating the need for any waste incineration.

Our benefits

  • Megapolisresource provides comprehensive end-to-end recycling services, from waste collection and utilization to silver recovery (which is a mandatory requirement), plus full package of the relevant documents in compliance with the applicable Russian laws.
  • we have long-term experience and state-of-the-art technical facilities for silver recovery from photo-processing wastes;
  • apart from maintaining a high level of environmental performance, our technologies also ensure more cost-effective solutions as compared with conventional techniques, such as silver cementation from solutions and incineration of solid photographic materials;
  • we do not use any harsh chemicals during the entire cycle of photographic material recycling.

These are some of the keys to our successful collaboration with thousands of clients all over the country — from local waste owners (waste-generating laboratories and companies) to regional waste-collecting operators.