Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment

Types of electronic equipment

· computer hardware (CRT and LCD displays, computer boards, keyboards, mouse pointing devices);

· office equipment and consumables (printers, scanners, cartridges);

· household appliances (TV sets, refrigerators, washers, microwaves, toasters, etc);

· communications devices (mobile phones, radio stations, etc);

· ATM and POS machines.

The legal reasons for recycling office equipment and e-scrap are two-fold in nature. On the one hand, recycling of office equipment and computer hardware is regulated by the Federal Law “On industrial and consumer waste” and a number of by-laws and regulations related to licensing of this type of activity. On the other hand, this activity is subject to some restrictions that apply to circulation of precious metals contained in these wastes. Environmental benefits of recycling e-scrap and waste electrical equipment include reduced anthropogenic load on the biosphere and decreased environmental pollution caused by toxic salts of heavy metals. Another benefit of recycling is that the trash materials are remanufactured into new products — from polymers to rare earth and precious metals, without the need for natural resources.

Our benefits

Our company provides end-to-end services on demanufacturing of electronic equipment for reuse and recycling:

· technical expert examination of equipment operability and reparability, with provision of reports on technical condition;

· testing of equipment components and units to determine their suitability for re-use;

· e-scrap destruction, with provision of certificates of destruction;

· processing of electronic cards and components, with recovery and subsequent refining of precious metals. At this stage, we provide the full package of documents that allow keeping track of precious metal circulation: Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Acceptance and Certificate on quality and quantity of raw materials (serves as the basis for final settlements). After that, we repay our suppliers for the cost of precious metals contained in waste materials.

· recovery of non-ferrous metals and other items from obsolete office equipment and e-scrap. Copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc are recovered at the stage of advanced industrial processing, and their cost is repaid to the supplier.

For detailed information on our product nomenclature (items produced by recycling of computer hardware and e-scrap), click here: OUR PRODUCTS, or contact our consumer hotline: 8-800-1000-326 (free calls within Russia)